Imagine an iPhone app world with so many apps that you can fart and your iPhone will tell you how bad it smells… But wait, there’s over 3billion apps of all kinds ofthings except yoyos??? I’m not chuck Norris or anything but if the yoyoexpert forum team created an application for the iPhone kinda like what they made for facebook (facebook app)… Then that would be a yoyo-era dream come true… Heck even maybe throw in a friends list and what not it would be like a yoyoers facebook! … I know I’m a little all over the place on this post but please see If there’s a possibility in creating an iPhone app!! :smiley:

a lot of the newer phones can go on the internet with 3g and just go to the website i do it all the time.

They don’t have a Facebook application. What they have is a group, listed under local business. It might sound easy, but it would be incredibly difficult to make an iPhone app. And what about other phones? Like Palms, and Androids. Don’t want them to feel left out.

True true but all I do is use the Internet iPhone to view this site so I figured I’d make a little suggestion… I just wish it could be possible to make like a little app for this site which allowed you to save vids peoplepost up kinda like what YouTube/facebook has