Invisible yoyo???

I was wondering if it is impossible to see a black yoyo onstage… like in a talent show.

A black DM
A all-black plastic (ex. speedmaker)
A black metal (M1, I was thinking of red and black.)

I think it would be possible. DM, silver rims. Plastic - Not sure. Metal, light will hit the entire yoyo itself, reflecting light.

You should like make the yoyo glow with paint and use glowing strings!! I’d be the best. But your idea would he hard but possible.


well they sell glow tape at some sports academy stores so you don’t have to paint your yoyo. btw if you don’t want your yoyo to be seen you should try putting black painters tape on it. that will make it not shine from any light that is in the room. you can get white paper tape and color it black and that would work to. later.

keep it spinning

I meant can you see the yoyo.


He’s asking if you’d be able to see a black yo-yo on a stage.


it would depend on the lighting in the room, as well as the back drop on the stage itself.

Black Backdrop. amount of light in classrooms.

that would be pretty bright, maybe lights out??


I’m pretty sure he wants the yo-yo to be seen.


After looking on that dog for about 15 minutes, I finally got the point of it. Hilarious dog by the way. And i think most black yoyos will be seen on stage. A black speedmaker has kind of a shiny finish. It’s not very bright, but even if you are wearing a black shirt and standing in front of a black background it will be seen. My advice is that you tape yourself (please use a camera and not tape, I’ve had trouble with people using scotch tape?) with a black shirt, yoyo and background. If the yoyo turns out to be invisible, tell us all.

If you want it to be seen, leave the caps in and the plastic will shine. But it won’t be totally clear. You will most likely just barely make it out. But you will still see it. Im positive.