Introduction to Freestyle Yo-Yoing

Many people have been asking for this one, finally got finished editing it after work today. This vlog is called “Introduction to Freestyle Yo-Yoing” I hope some of you find it helpful :slight_smile:


Maybe this is just me, but I always make tricks while keeping other tricks I’ve already made in mind, and trying to arrange the new trick with an existing one immediately. Then, after I have a few minutes of good material, I find music that suits those combos.

Thank you for your comment benkdru80! :slight_smile: I used to create my freestyles that way as well, but always had trouble finding a song to match my tricks by creating the routine first. It works better for me to find a song and then create a routine for that song so that my tricks flow with it. If your tricks all have a similar speed and rhythm to them then your style would work because all you have to do is find a song that has a consistent speed and tempo that you can match your tricks to. Thanks again! :slight_smile: