Introducing Y³ YoYo Co.


All Y³ strings are made by hand with very
specific properties in mind.
Some are designed for a smooth and slacky feel,
some for fast and whippy play
and others to be laid back
and comfortable on the hands.
The one thing all of these strings share
in common is their durability.
They are each made with high quality
durable threads in beautiful color combinations.

Pick up a pack today!

Y3 Team Member/Founder
LeCarey Mitchell III

Y3 Team Member
Carson Sablan

Y3 Team Member
Chris Slayton

For a limited time:
Y3 grand opening special edition Triple Threat colors!
“Goth Kid 2”
“Buggs Bunny”
“Leopard Gecko”
One FREE special edition Triple Threat with any purchase!
(While supplies last.)

Every pack of strings ordered comes with a FREE Y3 string pick!

Introducing the Team Y3 Signature Series 1:
Sablan Signature
Hundo (Trilobal)

Slayton Signature
Triple Threat

String types and colors:
(All string formulas and colors ©Y³ YoYo Co. 2014)

(Shipping is included in price, bulk purchase discounts are negotiable.)
10 packs of Triple Threat: $6.00
5 packs of Triple Threat: $3.00
10 packs of Hundo: $3 (poly), $3 (cotton), $5 (trilobal)
10 packs of 50/50: $3 (cotton/poly), $4 (trilo/cotton), $4 (poly/trilo)


Guys, don’t wait to jump on these, they’re the real deal.

I’ve been using the Devil’s Tail Triple Threat, and it’s soft and smooth on the hands, but not too much so that string burn is prevelant. I can’t even think of a brand to compare it to, it is its own. But the best thing I noticed about this string, THE FREAKING WAY IT HOLDS TENSION. Like geez guys its crazy. I did about ten mini sidewinders with my non-throw hand and when I checked the tension…no twists. Did about five more, still nothing. I like it man I like it.



I have been using the hundo and really like it, if you like thin whippy string that also holds its tension well amd lasts forever then get the hundo! Im still on my first string, its awesome, very durable too it doesbt fray with beadblasted throw

Y3 I dont see a price, you shpuld put what you are charging for them, and factor shippibg costs too :wink:


Ooh pretty colors?.. looks good.


Honestly one of the best strings that i have ever used! the durability is awesome, the triple threat is just soft enough for me and it dosent even compromise its slacky/whippy feel. I was sent the triple threat about 3 weeks ago and it is still in good shape! thats the most amazing thing about these strings, how long they last and they just keep getting better and smoother as you break them in more and more…

Dont hesitate to buy some of these string because they are GREAT.


Good luck man!


The Sablan signature strings are my signature string! ! If you love fast whippy durable thin string that holds its tension very well get yourself some “Sablan Signature” string!!

The price is well worth it!!

I can 2.0 hook like nothing using these strings, a new video is coming soon…


Okay, ive been playing with these strings for about 2 weeks and some change now. I waited to be able to make a stable review.So ill start with the 50/50’s. iI got the “beetle Juice” color way of the strings. These are by far te best 50/50’s ive ever played, its a very strong sorta stiff slack’n’whip string.At first i shyed away from them due to the stiffness, but then i manned up to break them in and used it for 3 hours straight. what came out of it was a string that never gained tension, and was silky soft. never lost its bouncy strong nature. if you love slacks and whips and you do not have these. your missing out.
On to the Trilo/poly, i purchased the “gothic kid” color. These string only take about an hour to break in, they are not rough at all, since they are poly of course. its just at the begnning you feel like its too thick for a poly. but yet again i manned up and broke it in. FREAKING AMAZING! the best strings hands down. He put so much attention into these, its ridiculous. Buy a pack of these strings, you wont regret it. they do not fray at all. they keep that sturdiness all day long. They make you feel like your in total control,even for some fast paced trick monsters out there. great strings, sorry for the long review. But it was due XD


Sound good.