Interesting... (CONTEST)

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #1

What are some of the weirdest things that you do with your yoyo, string, or bearing, for storage or preservation. This is a contest (The prize is the satisfaction of winning.) The contest closes on December 1st 2018

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #2

Personally, instead of constantly changing my string, I just wash it in cold water with some soap and let it soak for like a half hour. It dries then works good as new.


Weirdest thing so far is waxing / buffing a yo-yo How to clean and polish my Yoyos


I constantly wash my hands to keep hand oil and grease off my yoyo and string.

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #5

I do the same

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #6

Where do you get your buff? I’d like to try that

({John15}) #7

I do that sometimes too! Mark Montgomery has this thing where he puts his strings in his pants Pockets before he throws them in the washer. That way you get them both cleaned and dried with minimal effort

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #8

Im gonna choose a winner by the most number of likes (to be fair)

(shubham) #9

1.3-4 years ago I painted my yo-yo with which my house was painted to hide the dings. I mean I literally painted the sides of the yo-yo to hide dings.
2. I have added hair oil in my ball-bearing of the yo-yo when I was 13 year old.
3.i have used wheat flour to make the yo-yo pads. I thought it would make the yo-yo bind.

So this are some of the weird things which I did.


I think we can close up the topic now, shubham has won it

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #11

Oh yeah, at this point idc about likes. You are in the lead

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #12

Ok, I think we should leave this open just a bit more to give people a chance

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #13

Ok, it’s gonna end on the planned date December 1st

(shubham) #14

Hahahaha I was not serious at that time. Kids do that.once your grown up you know what is right and wrong.

(Evan Landreneau) #15

I am scared every time I throw because I don’t want wear out my string. My parents buy me that cheap-o polyester string from Amazon and it wears out in 3 minutes.

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #16

I feel you

(shubham) #17

I think maybe some people used hair gels in their ball-bearings.

(“Ya’ better believe it!”) #18

Uhhhhhhhhhh, that’s really unusual

({John15}) #19

Someone get this kid some string!

(Evan Landreneau) #20

Yes! I’m in desperate need of good string!