Interested in 5A...

For less than that, you can get the YYJ Pinnacle, which i think is retailing for $18 and includes a counterweight. It seems that its “Destiny” is to be a 5A beater. No other parts required except string. You always need string!

I recently tried a Pinnacle set up for 5a and imo it played great for learning but it was way too light for what balance I’m used to.

Btw, I just checked the shop and the PSG’s are sold out already. I can’t believe it…

This review may give you some insight too.

Not a 5a player at all myself, but plan on getting one of these just to learn a few tricks on, for the lights basically.  I’ve got a lyn fury (modded) with a duncan counterweight and it’s ok for the few things I’ve learned to do.

The light up FHZ is fun. I have one. Two silicone stickers and a Terrapin A+ Beefcake and it’s dead unresponsive and wonderful to play for 1A. I can’t imagine playing it any way else for 5A though.

Legacy II for 5A? The description says it has the same celcon as the Pinnacle and KickSide.

Sure. Why not?

Really, any really stable 1A yoyo is good for 5A. You might want something with a slightly bigger catch zone if you’re used to stuff with smaller catch zones. Since you’re really dealing with more than 1 moving object now, it should make things a little bit easier.

I use a Raptor for my 5a. With the caps it’s really stable and heavy.

I figured using what is basically and all-plastic DMII will make this a bit less tedious in case I end up dropping the yoyo, and I love my DMII so it could give me a sense of familiarity.

It’s a little bit different, but there’s enough familiarity it won’t be like getting acquainted with a new yoyo, more like a twin: same DNA, just a bit different(sorta).

I like the weight of the Legacy II. I think when I get it, I’m going to keep it responsive. My ONE is way too light and I keep that responsive.

Of those throws that you mention I have the Genesis , Pinnacle , PGM , DieNasty , Protostar & Northstar.

Genesis certainly is the best.Is one of mi fav yoyos but for the price the Pinnacle is the winner.

The Proto/Northstar is superb but maybe not durable for 5A.

Sorry for my poor English

After playing my PSG for a few hours, I would go with that. Super durable, and stable and big enough. Get a spintop button for a cw with whatever throw you get, they are only a dollar and I prefer them to the Duncan Dice.

Although, you really cannot go wrong with just about any YYJ Plastic as a 5a choice. They are all great.

Welcome to the wonderful world of “there are no tutorials”, well, there are, just not as much as in 1A

I don’t know exactly what are the 5A knowledge in this thread but

  1. not any good 1A throw will be a good 5A throw, some will, others won’t

  2. you want (notice how I didn’t write “need” here) balanced weight, not all rim weight, because in 5A you use the yoyo to actually generate the momentum used when releasing the counterweight (think “beesting” for example, but not only) so a bit (or a bit more) center weight won’t hurt

  3. in 5A you WILL drop the yoyo
    a. A LOT when you begin (first week or two)
    b. then only when trying out specific new tricks (the kind of tricks where both the throw and the CW will be in motion at the same time)
    c. then almost never

it does happen every now and then, but never out of nowhere and not nearly as often as some people would (make you) think.

I spent 2 days, drunk in barcelone, throwing my brand new team edition steamroller in 5A setup, I was only doing 5A for a couple months, didn’t drop it ONCE.

you want to pick up 5A, just get a YYJ destiny, they’re fairly cheap, they’re VERY durable and perfectly balanced with the CW. Also, get one of these new lit up FHZ, they’re not as “modern”, but they look cool and the CW is nice (but not very durable)

just as in 1A, a good 5A player can play on anything, but just as in 1A, there are better throws for it than others

as for the CW, somewhere between 10 (fairly light) and 14g (fairly heavy) is what you want, for single dice anyway. Duncan CWs are usually spot on, you can get one for cheap on the B/S/T, almost every yoyo player ends up having one or more at some point.

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