Instead of playing Moderator

Instead of everyone running around playing moderator scolding people on doing things wrongly and attempting to be a hero (I have done it a few times, so this is a warning to me too) there is a button to push which will not only make someone who has the authority to do something become aware of the problem but it will also keep people out of public embarrassment.

This is the button:

Please, from now on, whenever you have a problem with a thread that is in the wrong place, a b/s/t with a lack of information, or ANYTHING (double posting, attitude) can you use this button instead of replying with your attempts to be a hero? The person can take it as offensive (since you are a member and not authority) and react in a manner which could make a flame war.

Again, this goes for me too.

Let the people who can deal with it, deal with it.


Being locked due to peoples inability to act civilly.