Instagram account lost


I cant remember my Instagram account pass, and the email isint one of mine to reset the pass.


Any help?

Your email is the only way…

Didn’t you post something earlier today?

Use a more memorable password??? :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding, honestly though, the only way I know of is using your email…

Then why the heck would they have the Email as Optional?

I didnt think they meant for recovery :confused:

Have you tried… Turning it off then on again?


I logged out :confused:

I know that silly! I was jk. But srsly… Remembering your password can be easier than you think. Just go through a series of mental triggers to get it back. Also try different capitalization, it may help

I tried a combination of every number and word combo ever used as a username or pass…

Did you try the Shark TX-327? It’s a password hacker for personal use.(lol, seems legit)

But srsly. I’d suggest either getting a new one with a new email that you KNOW you’ll have access to, OR contact that person with that email, and talk to him/her