Instagram account lost



I cant remember my Instagram account pass, and the email isint one of mine to reset the pass.


Any help?

(kclejeune) #2

Your email is the only way…


Didn’t you post something earlier today?


Use a more memorable password??? :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding, honestly though, the only way I know of is using your email…


Then why the heck would they have the Email as Optional?

I didnt think they meant for recovery :confused:


Have you tried… Turning it off then on again?


I logged out :confused:


I know that silly! I was jk. But srsly… Remembering your password can be easier than you think. Just go through a series of mental triggers to get it back. Also try different capitalization, it may help


I tried a combination of every number and word combo ever used as a username or pass…


Did you try the Shark TX-327? It’s a password hacker for personal use.(lol, seems legit)

But srsly. I’d suggest either getting a new one with a new email that you KNOW you’ll have access to, OR contact that person with that email, and talk to him/her