MSN Problem

if i closed my msn account (email) how long will it take to make another email with the same name or can i make another account with the same name or no ?


What would be the point of that? ???

What is your ultimate goal behind closing your account?

If it’s to stop the spam, then forget it. Once a spammer gets an address, they never give it up, valid or invalid, safe or actively anti-spam. Spammers are stupid, inconsiderate and think nothing of who they are bothering. So, you could close the account, come back in 20 years and have it clogged with spam the next hour.

My domain is on a “DO NOT SPAM” list distributed by spammers who are tired of me getting their accounts nuked. Even the spammers figured out “hey, don’t screw with this guy. He goes after ALL stages of the game, including our bank accounts and telephones and we LOSE EVERY SINGLE TIME”. Yet, my email server bounces on average over 100,000 spams a day. Thank goodness for filtering.

Also, all the free services, in my opinion, are worth what you pay for them: NOTHING.

no not for spams i want to close my account cuz i play a game called silkroad online and the game account is verified by this email that i want to close cuz i got hacked by a person that knows my msn so he hacked it (send an email to the alternative email that i would like to hack and follow the message that i send from the email that i want to close to remove it from being an alternative email )to change my game account password and stole 200 million + gold from my account in the game :frowning: so if u guys know how to hack an msn that would be better :wink: thanks for any help :wink:

Can’t you just change your password? I think that’s an option for most account based sites but I don’t know I don’t use Email… =\

i changed it but he clicks on fogot my password and send the link to the alternative email that i dont have its pw thats why i want to hack it and remove it as an alternative email

I’d just make a new account with a new name and move on.

my game acc is lvl 80 and the highest lvl is 110 so i dont want to start from the beginning :-\

Is there no way to have the game point to a different email address?

i actually sent them an email but they didnt reply :slight_smile: i will try again :smiley:


Well, rather than hang around here waiting for some bobble head to give you a wrong answer, I think it would be best to go to the source - msn, your email provider and ask them. Maybe they can even fix the problem for you.

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