insomniacs - split from Should I put my supernova in the freezer


Don’t question insomniacs with yoyos!


Your useung some big words there studio… I didn’t understand that sentence… -_-’


Insomniacs are people who have trouble sleeping and usuallly end up sleeping during daytime.


Real insomnia is when you flat out don’t have the ability to sleep, your body just keeps running and running and running until you really physically can not stay conscious anymore. There are people who do this for weeks and weeks at a time with maybe just a few hours of sleep through that whole ordeal. Most of the time it’s a symptom of some bipolar manic/depressive disorder.

It’s become a term for people that just stay up late and don’t fall asleep easily, but real insomnia is scary, lol.


I get real insomnia quite frequently. It is scary. But, I think it comes from years of 100+ hour work weeks(more like 120 hours). And then when the crash happens… well, better be comfortable!