Supernova Problem


I recently got a 2012 Supernova and the bearing seat is the tightest I’ve ever encountered. The bearing it came with had little green string pieces stuck in it, this was before I ever put a string on it. I tried using the multi tool, nothing. Didn’t try pliers because I ruined a super g in the past doing that. What do I do? Also, I don’t have a 1/4" drill bit and won’t have one for a week or so. I may have to wait until then to use my Supernova. I tried the freezer thing, too. Any advice?


How long did you put it in the freezer? Try putting it in longer. Once you do that try taking the multitool it came with and move it in a circular motion.


I put it in for about 30 minutes. I’ll try again but longer, thanks.


Its not a long time that you need, the steel and aluminum will contract simiular amounts but the aluminum will shrink faster. So put it in 10 minutes at a time till you find it looser, as well as some penetraiting oil can help. Using a bearing removal tool is best, but YYF’s is not the best one out there. Good luck.


Took me a long time to get the bearing out of my supernova, it took me a couple of months of on and off trying. Just keep trying and it will come out.


Just got it off! Thanks for the advice everyone!