Bearing is stuck.

So I’ve spent the past fifteen minutes trying to remove a dry bearing from my Supernova with my Multi-Tool and it won’t budge one bit! All I’ve gotten was frustration and sore hands. :frowning:

Does anyone have any little tricks of their own to get around this problem?

Dull side of a 1/4 in drill bit. Use like you would a multi-tool, it’s much easier to grip.

  1. bearing removal tool or similar (1/4" rod, 1/4" drill bit, etc) - place inside the bearing, rock back and forth until it’s out
  2. plyers - gently grab the bearing and rock back and forth until it’s out. don’t grab too hard or you’ll damage the bearing
  3. string trick. this one’s a bit harder to explain.

Before doing any of those, you might want to put the yoyo in a freezer for a while. It’ll shrink the bearing ever so slightly, which could make removing it easier.

What’s funny is I actually was thinking about how cold temperatures would cause the metal to contract and help out with removal. This proves my theory! ;D

A stint in the freezer can work wonders. I like the drill bit as well.

Darn it! You are getting much better advice from this guy than I did. I wouldn’t suggest a bigger hammer. Freezer and drill bit is the way to go!

Didn’t I tell you to try a jackhammer, skitrz? :smiley:

aluminum shrinks faster then steel, but they shrink about the same over all.
So use the freezer but pull it out every few minutes and give it a go. basicly you want the aluminum to shrink but not the steel. Also taking the axle out, if it is on the side you are working with helps a ton. Good luck.

Drill bit + freezer helped quite a bit. Thank you very much to those that recommended it!

Now time for me to pick up some V4M Lube. :smiley: