[Insert Ironic Title]


Excellent! Some really innovative stuff in there.

kk I inserted the title but all that showed up on the screen was some dude with good yoyoing skills

That was really great! Love how you go off plane at the drop of a hat. “Meh, ain’t no thing… yoyo here, there… you think it’s gonna spin out, but nah… I’mma go bake some pop tarts now…”

Anddddd this is why Ryan is one of my all time favorite 1A players.
So intensely unique and innovative.



Incredible innovative, really interesting stuff! You belong on the Innovation Movement YT channel. Zach’s gotta be lurking around here somewhere…


Very impressive stuff! :o

The only thing I don’t really understand was that move at 0:26. It looked like it went a bit wrong, why didnt you just re-film it?

Haha, it is not wrong, it is a variation of a continuos tether!

I don’t quite understand what that means, but I’ll take your word for it. :smiley:

There’s a trick called “Tether” which is just one loop around. “Continuous Tether” means that you keep it going. He’s saying that he was intentionally doing a Continuous Tether; in my opinion Tether looks better and more “intentional” with just one spiffy little tour around, though.

Thanks for the comments guys! I did indeed do that trick on purpose, I like to try different variations of tricks. If it looks like mistake, it’s all for the sake of experimentation!