Innovative yoyo

I was thinking if any company would come up with the idea of designing a yoyo for practising strong throws. The yoyo would have sensors in it to measure the force of throw, angle of tilting, etc. After the yoyo stops spinning, there would be a screen on the yoyo displaying the result of the throw, the mistakes and ways to improve after analysing it. This would help the player to improve on his throw. This yoyo would also be good for beginners to learn on.
What are your views on this?


Good idea. It also uses mostly things that are already invented that would just need to be worked out with the vibe it might cause.


But… a small gyroscope in there, a sensor, a speed indicator… doesn’t sound hard.

Well, if the screen was on the side of the yoyo, it would have to constantly rotate the image at a speed equal to the yoyo’s spinning. This would be impossible, so the screen wouldn’t be able to be attached to the yoyo.

So basically, the yoyo would be really expensive and probably not a good player. That means that beginners (who the yoyo is designed for) will not want to buy it (since they are just starting and don’t want to make that large of an investment).

What I meant is that the screen would display the results after the yoyo stops spinning.

Yeah Domin said it. It would display after the throw.

Yea it would be helpful, but would be expensive and require lots of research.

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a really fast rotating screen…now THATS an invention!

Actually as I read this I had an idea, but you would have to have screens on both sides, or at least the weight. What you would do is basically attach the screen to a hubstack and then put just a little bit of weight on the bottom of the screen so that it doesn’t spin with the yoyo.

However, it the whole thing would probably be expensive because you would have to put motion sensors (like in the Wii remotes) in the yoyo and then make a program to read the data. Not hard if you know what you’re doing, but not a ton of people do know that.

This kind of yo-yo would be really expensive. You can put a speed measurer thingy in the cap, but I think that would be complicated.

Another Spin on Things: Isn’t that, the yo-yo’s with stuff like lights and tech play horribly and are really expensive? This kind of yo-yo would be a rip off.

There actually was something like this years ago.  Not nearly as advanced as you are asking for.  It was made by Tiger Electronics, it was called the E-Yo.  All I could find was the online patent & pdf instruction manual.  I remember it being in toys r us and kaybee toys.

PDF instruction manual:

(takes a while to load)

Patent Info:

The Electronic RPM Yo-Yo will contain electronics for purposes of measuring typical yo-yo game play including the speed and RPMs, the duration of the spin of the yo-yo and it will also calculate overall score based upon a combination of the speed and duration. It may also calculate the scale speed in miles per hour and the distance which the yo-yo would have traveled had it been rolling along a flat plane. The electronics will save high scores for each of the result categories. The high scores can be recalled. The electronics will include a sound transducer to provide audio signals that will alert a player when his current play has exceeded a high score. Results of game play will be conveyed using LCD read-out, a bar graph comprised of colored LEDs or heard audibly via a speaker and electronic speech. Results can also be transmitted to similar yo-yo’s via IR (infrared) or IF radio frequency technology. Two or more players will then be compete against each other simultaneously by having the yo-yo’s compare scores via this communication link.

How about this?

Measures rounds/min.


Oh…It’s actually revolutions, apparently.

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