Inner Ring Bimetal Recomendation

Hey, so I’m looking for my first bimetal. I really want to get the most bang for my buck, so. (I like inner ring bimetals.)

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This is one of the best ones, and they are instock


I designed this one.
It’s very good and not very expensive, either.


The Populist by Doc Pop FTW!


Seconded. Probably my favourite inner ring Bimetal


The reality is that it is hard to buy a bad yo-yo these days. Pick your price-point; do your research and buy what suits your fancy. Chances are pretty good you will end up with something that you like.


Go with the sf motive. One of my favorite all time yo-yos and it’s a super good deal for 80 bucks


Exia is a great option too

Fusion 2.0. recently redesigned to adapt to current players


The Generalyo legato 2 is one of my favorite inner ring bimetals.


I would go with the Mk1 Exia or the Brass Exia. I like the brass one better because it is a little heavier and it spins forever and to me it is just the best playing yoyo out there, now of course i havent tried them all but out of what i have tried the Brass Exia is the number 1 but the original is the same yoyo just a little lighter because it has ss rings instead of brass and i think they may be on sale right now at yoyoexpert for the og.


How do you like it? Fast, slow, light, heavy? A few details could make all the difference and what is your price point?

im also on a budget

I think my Akita has inner rings. Nice throw, smooth etc. it’s just taller than I prefer. But other than that pretty nice all around. Good luck!

The suggestions the guys are giving you could be more accurately, narrowed down if you mentioned how much you have to spend.

Most people are on a budget. But that budget can vary dramatically from person to person.

Like yo-yo geezer, said, nowadays, it’s hard to buy a bad yo-yo. There are so many yo-yos at so many price points that are very good to excellent.

But that being said, it would be a lot more effective. If you would just say how much you can spend, and then the helpful guys on the forum can better choose from the array of yo-yos available at your particular maximum price point.

There is no such thing as too much good information.


Another lower priced option. Plays a bit light for my taste, but that might be a bonus for someone else.


The Refractory by Gway is another great option…


Yoyodoc is right. I just scored a Turning Point Palpitation. Great yo-yo- but not everyone is willing; or crazy enough to spend that much. Lots of great inner-ring bi-metal yo-yo’s at almost all price points.


wait guys is the m001 silencer from magic yoyo a bimetal or not

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Its Bi-Metal Styling aka Polished Rims

“The body of the yo-yo is made from 100% 6061 aluminum. The axle and bearing are made of stainless steel” Magic Yoyo

Relatively clean ano though for $15