!!!information- G-spin!!!

I need as many informations as possible about the ActivePeoples G-spin, because i can’t do more than the half of the string tricks.

:slight_smile: I will be happy about any information or tip!!! :slight_smile:

So do you want to know more about the G-spin or why you can do more than half of the trick with the G-spin.


Well here are the specs for the g-spin
Diameter: 57mm
Thickness: 31mm
Wieght: 74 grams
I don’t really know anything else of it. It looks like a responsive yoyo so that is why you may be having trouble with some string tricks. Does it unexpectedly come back to your hand?

no, it stops quite soon on the string.

I am going to admit I haven’t looked at the yoyo you are talking about but if it spins out quick and it has a bearing in it, you could try cleaning the bearing.

Here is a link: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,871.0.html

:’( I have already cleaned the bearing. :’(

Hrmm, it could be that the yoyo just has a very small gap. I don’t know how experienced you are at yoyoing but make sure if you haven’t already that the string is sitting on the bearing not between it and one of the yoyo halves.

If it IS the small gap that causes the problem, then the only thing I could recommend besides getting a different yoyo to play with is try to make sure your throw is VERY straight.

If you are looking to find a different yoyo to learn on, I would say to try a YYJ Kickside they are only $15.30 from this site, and Mi wrote an excellent review of it in the review section. If you like the idea and concept of the G-Spin I would say to pick up a YYF Plastic Grind Machine and order some Top Tips to attach to the hubstacks and you will receive the same thing as the G-Spin only with a larger yoyo with a GREAT response setup. I’m sorry to hear you are having so much trouble, maybe the item is defective, have you tried to contact the manufacturer? Hope something in this helps you out.

I think I can count on a new yo-yo some where around Christmas. Can some body give me come tips for binds???

Binding looks harder than it really is. Just throw a sleeper then land it into a trapeze that is like in front of you, the loop of the trapeze that you are holding, and the single string coming from your finger, cross them in the gap of the yoyo. Pull up with your finger (like tugging on a responsive yoyo) and drop that loop into the gap of the yoyo at the same time. Also check out Grawrd.com Gerard has a pretty good video covering all of the basic binds.

I have also problems whit my skin because some times I almost get skin burns.