- infinite elevator -


Easy trick that I just came up with - non yoyoers really dig it.


Omg that is awesome! Can you make a tutorial? Pleeeease?


that looks crazy! any plans for a tutorial? :wink: would love to learn it

(UmeNagisa) #4

Learned it :slight_smile:

Also! My new video, That’s uploading, has some Concepts That I learned, based on your videos :slight_smile:


Can you make a tut? Please thats sick!

(UmeNagisa) #6

Look carefully! it’s quite basic!
Its wristmount, dismount, to Red triangle. and thats what makes it infinite!

on a side note. Ryan! Please check this out.


Looks like a decent trick to attact ppl into YOYOING !!!


That impresses everybody :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t figure it out just by watching… I just get into the regular red triangle and can do 1, but how do you make it infinite?


Does this count as a banger? You could submit it in the werrd banger contest.


t’s quite a sweet trick you have there :smiley:


Please make tutorial someone…



I made a tutorial! I think it’s sideways. I know it’s horrible.

(Erik Kerber ) #15

cool trick ;D ;D ;D


No this was really helpful- perfect- thanks!!