INFECT, a virus video

what do you guys think?
virus is a great yoyo in my opinion.
comment please. :slight_smile:

Awesome video! Smooth tricks, quality was nice, overall flow was great. Two thumbs up!

P.S Nice manga(I think) collection

nice! you like complex stuff don’t you ;D

Thanks for your comment guys.

Yes, those are indonesian translated manga, i love reading manga.

Yes, thank you.
Im not too good at speed.

You’re good… ;D

Thanks RookieYo.
Im quite worried about what comment i would get, because its my first video.
Still have much to learn.

Don’t worry… As long as you have fun… :slight_smile:
You’re way better than me… lol

Thanks RookieYo.
Im really haveing fun here.

BTW, have you seen the bandung royale battle vid that i posted here too?

Yeah… Love it too…

Your pace is slow, flowing, and smooth (ME LIKEEE). Great video! :smiley:

yes, im slow. :slight_smile:
that just as best as i can do.
im glad you like it.