A good friend inspired me to film tonight so I decided to shoot some 1A (at 1AM hence the title heh) It was really fun to make and I’m happy with the results. Hope you enjoy! :smiley:


that was pretty good thar

Tricks were rad man. You’ve got a really good style and loads of creative. I loved it.

Just one thing, the couple of parts where you had the yoyo coming back as part of a previous take where kind of strange, just make sure you edit them out next time.

But the playing was totally gnarly. And that’s what really matters :slight_smile:

Yeah that was probably due to the editing done at 3 AM hahah I normally cut it a lot cleaner.

So epic and smooth! Good job ;D

Great i love your style.

Hey man, what was the track there? Good video.

Thanks mate! The track is Finder by Sabrepulse!