Increasing the Innate "Gap Width" at the Bearing and Spacers of the Skyhawk.

I finally got this Yo-Yo and I really DO like it. It throws very well and I even got it at Billybob’s for Half Price!! :smiley:

Anyway…, What I really want to use it for is 1A AND, the Large Mod Spacers do fit in it quite well BUT the string snags on the edges of the Mod Spacers because the Mod Spacers are larger than the inside of the very narrow roundings. So I tried to use the Metal Bearing Spacers from the Mod Spacers in the body of the Yo-Yo because the Yo-Yo is already wide enough but, then the real probablyem was revealed to me…The Skyhawk’s Bearing Spacers are much larger than the Duncan Mod Spacer’s Bearing Spacers Spacer Spacers. So the Bearing Spacer Hole is much larger, than other Yo-Yo Spacer Holes. So I need one of three things: I need a Wider C Bearing, a Wider C Bearing Spacer, or something to put up in that hole.

What should I put in that hole to solve the problem?

Try putting a washer on the axle before the spacer. Not perfect at all, but it is something.

The skyhawk is an offstring yoyo, so the only 1a you’ll get from it is responsive 1a.

Yeah what philip said it will be responsive. Once I tried 1A with a zeekio apollo I had. It did not end well.