Inches to Centemeters and USD into SGD

For the shop pages, is there any chance that you can have a button lying around, or website settings or something, that you can change the Units of measurements, and you can convert the prices of the yoyos? I think it might be tedious, but is it possible?

There could be a link at the top or something to this:

I usually use this website for these type of things:

I know you can convert it, its just a bit tedious. I want to be able to compare the yoyos more easily, because i’m not very familiar with inches. I just find that if i wanna compare yoyos, I need to keep converting and converting. I think that if there were website settings somewhere, it would be much easier.

Yeah, you could put a link on the shop page or something to some converting site, or put the two buttons on there so you can type it into this site and then you don’t even have to go to another site.

I find it confusing that the weight is metric-ish while the other specs are more English-ish.