Product Pictures could use a little work

This isn’t an across the board issue. It only affects certain products.

I’d like to see a caption with the photos when I click on a product photo in the shop area. Now, some yoyos don’t need this, such as say a Protostar with the various colors, it’s not necessary, but would be nice. However, with some products, such as say CLYW, the colorway descriptions are abstract to me, so I’d appreciate knowing what colorway goes with what picture, which would help me decide. The Sasquatch is an example of this at the moment.

For consistency purposes, maybe label/caption all photos, just to cover all bases?

Similarly, I’d like to see the photos updated on certain products to show all product variants. The Big Yo isn’t shown in blue, nor is the Speeder2 shown in all it’s available colors. I really like to get an idea what I may be looking at. For example, I think I would really like the Speeder2 in the translucent blue, but a photo would certainly help.

Lastly, regarding measurements:
Could all dimensional measurements be presented in metric? I’m all for “standard”, but I’d prefer metric as an option. I notice most of the YYJ products are like this, maybe because they are made in the USA? This way I don’t have to go to another site to get specs in metric. This isn’t because I’m working on side project that requires I document this sort of stuff for reference purposes. I’m actually finding I am preferring the over-sided and heavier throws.

Worse case is I will call or email with questions. I’m still on a “buying” trend as I have the money to spend. I’m just thinking that if this add to shopper satisfaction, it should speed in a few more sales.

Thanks for reading.