more orginazation

when going to add a yoyo to your cart and you choose your color, you would want to have the picture of it and have it labeled on what style/color it is.That way you cant get confused on which is which.
some products are missing pictures such as the small yoyoexpert bag (2 compartment).
I think it needs ALL of the colors and have them labeled so that customers know exactly what they want and what they are getting.
I think it will help and will make yoyoexpert better. :slight_smile:

Most items in the card have the item name, often the brand, and the color/colorway

Does there really need to be a picture?

It sounds like youโ€™re finding indvidual items that have someover-sight in their inclusion into the online store. Would it be more beneficial to try to compile a list so it can be directed to the correct people and then the issues fixed?