I have been laboring at perfecting my fixed axle yoyo designs and techniques long before I even dreamt of the VooDama Dolls, and I am finally satisfied with 2 of my designs that I would love to share with the yoyo community! These yoyos are meticulously crafted with Love out of high-end lumber, and they are intended for anyone who wants to pull a yoyo out of his/her pocket anywhere, anytime, and throw Just For Fun!. I will be making these (in between making voodama dolls) in very limited quantities and selling them via ebay.
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Are they unscrewable?


Just a tip, you should probably measure these using millimeters. That’s what most yoyos are measured in.


I really just love the way these look. I might have to pick one up. ;D




Having a blast making yoyos. I’ll be selling some of the purple hearts and padauks soon :wink:




Inches usually work just fine in the USA…


Almost all of the yoyos I see on yoyoexpert (or anywhere else) are measured in millimeters. It’s the standard and easiest for most people to understand.


1 inch=~25.4mm
should handle all your conversions


Inches are what I measure with while making these and adjusting my machinery and equipment; so, naurally that’s what was easier for me to remember when I was listing the specs. Don’t worry, I’m not anti-metric system :smiley:


How much?

Edit: never mind just checked.


Nope. Do not unscrew it.