AbbaZabba Woodworks. Unique Custom one of a kind yo-yo's

Hey guys just wanted to post some photos of my yo-yo’s I make. I did post in the for sale sections, but I was kindly informed by the moderators that this would be the better place. I’m a wood turner hobbyist. I don’t really produce A line up or run of yo-yo’s. I strictly sell my yo-yo’s just to put money back into my hobby of wood turning. I would like feed back on what I’m selling so please let me know what you think. I currently offer 2 types of yo-yo’s. A ball bearing kit yo yo that I source from a wood turning catalog, and I also do solid piece fixed axle designs that I learned from Ed Davidson. Ed is really a master at wood turning. Either way here is my instagram account where I post New yo-yo’s that I make AbbaZabbaWoodWorks I have several currently but am always producing new ones as time rolls on.

Recent fixed Axles:

Bearing Kit Yo-yos:

Ooh la laa!

Looks very nice. How do they play?

Im not a super skilled yo-yoer I can do some basic string tricks, but they work fine for me The ball bearing ones probably won’t sleep nearly as long as a commercial one as the bearings are small but they are still usable. The fixed axles actually sleep enough that I can do man on the flying trapeze etc. without issues.

Just got some African Wenge in to work with. Should be doing 5 or 6. first one off the lathe last night.

Another Wenge yo-yo. Will be trying some more custom wood combos soon.

Those are really beautiful. Do you make any fixed axle ones that don’t have the rubber ring?

Just did this one. Plan on a few more dual wood ones in the coming days. Follow my instagram for new releases. canary wood center with african padauk sides. Gonna be working on 1 or two more with same combo then will switch it up.

Current line up. Started some dual woods and still have some with the rubber protective bumpers. Hoping to do more of these. Woods coming up, more wenge, canary wood, also going to do some padauk with birdseye maple sides. Hope to buy more bloodwood soon as its one of my favorites. Please post any critiques if you have any. Thanks again.

These last few yoyos look great!!

I’ve actually had a couple people on here mention I guess a lack of fondness for the rubber rings. Is it just the look? Or do you prefer just solid wood? The rubber rings do server a purpose. They add weight and help with balance. Wood yo-yo’s are sometimes finicky because of the density of the wood. Can throw off balance especially when trying to do a butterfly shape and gluing up 2 different woods. Those ball bearing ones with mixed wood are notorious. Can weigh both sides and be dead even and they create a crazy vibration. The rings also help protect the wood if you hit the floor or have a string break. Either way thanks for the feedback.

Anyone have any thoughts on butterfly vs. Imperial shape? I don’t do many imperials as I prefer butterfly shape more, but may do a couple.

Again thanks for any suggestions and feedback.

This may be one of my favorites. African padauk with birds eye maple. Check out my instagram link in the initial post to see more pics.

I just followed you on Instagram and checked your etsy catalog and your yoyos really look neat! ;D

Are they unscrewable?
What are the diameter, width and gap measurements?
I saw the weight in each description in Instagram and Etsy. :slight_smile:

The are carved from solid blocks of wood. So no you can’t unscrew them. I’m not certain the gap size but will measure. I kind of just eyeball it as after doing several the eyes just know what works. I believe it’s usually right at or under 1/8 of an inch. Thanks for the follow as well. Hope to be producing some purple heart soon as well as Wenge with the maple sides. Should make some stunning contrasts.

Gap size is right around 1/8th inch. Custom wenge and birdseye maple turned today. 2 more planned. Then not sure what’s next. Size is approx 2.25 in tall by 1.5 in wide. Weight 61grams.

Follow my Instagram to see more custom yoyos.

New unresponsives Ive been doing limited runs of. Utilizing onedrop cabal kits and bearings.

These look amaaaazzziinng. Loving the metal weight rings as well.