"In Your Face" (aka "ChrisK on design efficiency, branding and hspin girls)

Chris K gives an update after a lengthy break on

  1. new releases such as the Phoenix (Plamek signature yoyo), the 2010 PYRO, the Antipod (Hadrien signature yoyo), a never to be released yoyo and the Walter
  2. about HSPIN’s world class design efficiency process
  3. about the new hspin.com and the philosophies behind HSPIN and CORE SERIES and and
  4. the return of the HSPIN girls.




Awww man, I liked that Samm Scott one :frowning:

whats the price on the new pyro

awesome! looking forward to all of this and whatever else you guys have planned! I also have to say I was at your table at worlds and myself and a friend checked out all of the yoyos you guys had there and out of all of them the icon had to be my overall favorite! My friend liked it so much that he bought one and he’s been using it since worlds! I myself will be buying one as soon as I get some cash. Keep putting out amazing yoyos! :slight_smile: