in def differences

tell me in definition diferences on the dna and 888. not just one is bigger than the other. i want…spin time,shape,stability,control,smoothness,tilt possibility and more on the 888 and dna. thank you :wink:

Not sure what you mean by “in definition” but to answer those questions:
Spin time depends on the yoyoer, not the yoyo.
They have the same shape, the DNA is a big version of an 888.
They will both be extremely stable, easy to control, smooth, and won’t tilt much if at all. Of course, all of that depends on your throw.

How long have you been yoyoing?

Please don’t ask these questions.

about a year and a half,doing tricks like,ladder escape, gyro flop 7 times,white budda and stuff in the expert level and a little bit of master.

White buddha is in the master level, but as empire said, just please don’t ask these questions. If you can do as much as you say, then I would have expected you to be yoyoing long enough to know better.

i’m knew at the forums but not at yoyoing

yes but either way you should know, you dont spend time on forums to know differences. You can open 2 sperate tabs, then press one on 888 one on DNA and BAM, you can comnpare them.