In Case You Missed Triple Crown...


You probably won’t want to miss this.

Special Triple Crown Edition HORIZON!


This is going to sound weird, but I want the yo-yo and the monster haha. That monster is the cutest ugly thing I’ve ever seen. I love it!


I hope they don’t plan to engrave all of them in the cup. Other throws that have engravings in the cup have made them worse at finger spins (Summit, Triton). It looks like an awesome new throw for the YYF budget performance metal line!

(Steve Brown) #4

We just sold the last orange monster, but we have some grey ones left:

The engraving in the cup is only for the “First Release” editions. 50 pieces of each for three different launches (AP, Triple Crown, Mexico). Full production will only have the engraving inside.


I just bought one too. I have plans for that monster. Next year, I want to get that orange one. I like how the moles and blemishes are pink, and his teeth are white. A bit more detail. The grey one will do for now. :wink:


It cost $100 dollars for that doll! Who pays that much for a toy?