impressive yoyo to use in show


the choir that im in is sporsering a big district wide talent show and i am looking for somthing thats a lil forgiving and visualy awsome i can bind and im into advanced triks and grinds too. sugestions.price range is 70


offstring maybe? or like a starbright, because it is glow in the dark, or possibly a light up FHZ. you could buy some glow mods for your favorite metal maybe.


That sounds good but you can always have a nice flashy Yoyo with maybe 5a it gets the people interested since there’s no loop on your finger. to make it better you could always get a flashing counterweight to put on an even better show!


The yoyo doesn’t need to be impressive, you do.


this above all else.



but i do agree with that idea!



What’s with the sigh do you not how to do 5a? It’s easier than it looks all you really need is to know some 1a to learn it’s a pretty easy adaptation


Sigh as in the lack of punctuation in that post.


Oh well deal with it.


Visually awesome? Too many to list. At $70? RecRev Facade comes to mind.

Forgiving? Not at $70…

Well, maybe not true. RecRev Facade and Freq. Wave come to mind. Not sure about the Capless as I don’t have one yet.

Personally, I’ve found the Square Wheels Royale and One Drop Burnside to be items that would work well for you in both areas.