Hey guys, I’m back from Orlando! This might be a long post but keep reading.

So at worlds I brought $260 and I came back with…$16 :P. I bought a Blue/Gold BOSS which is my favorite, its play is sooo amazing it makes other yoyos not feel special…I also got a SvZB which is for sale (offer up! Its mint and comes with a CLYW bearing, one gatorfloss string, but no box). I didnt want my SvZB cuz the BOSS is too amazing. I bought a CKK and take back EVERYTHING I said bad about it. Its more quiet than a 10 ball, I lift the yoyo up to my ear and I can BARELY hear it, and with a flick it spins less than 2 seconds but it sleeps longer than my 10 ball which spins for 12 seconds on a flick. I met Pur3st5 (Mat) and JM (Jason), they were fun to hang around with and Jason got me into 4A! Which reminds me I got an Aquarius. I could NOT BELEIVE Yuuki messed up and didnt make it to finals, I was like “WTH???”. Jensen was amazing on his 1 minute but I expected him to place 3rd or 4th in finals because he was off his game, if he wasnt so nervous he would of won. His FS was cool but in some parts he like TOTALLY forgot what he was gonna do and stood there for 5 seconds. Zach (I also met him) said he had a LOT of new school stuff that was amazing but he was to nervous to remember. I didnt expect w/e that japenese dudes name is to win, I never heard fo him but he was amazing. I got a YYF poster signed by Yuuki Spencer, John Ando, Tyler Severence, Pat Cuartero, Pat Mitchell, Sterling Quinn, Kentaro, Joseph Harris, Johnny Devale (spelling?), and…ANDRE!!!

Now that I’m back I’m really mad. L3andrine AKA Johnny T. recieved my Legacy and he hasnt given me my cash…first of all he offered $14 for it, then he said he only has $13, then he said he needed stamps to send money to Josh Yee and me so I HAD to send him 3 stamps and he would give me $14, then he asked to give him a $5 stamp and I said I dont have any, then he said he shipped it on the 1st, then he said he shipped it finally on the 14th, and now its been over a week and I havent gotten my money and he lives only in Cali and I’m in WA so he is getting negative feedback >:(. END OF RANT

Anyways I was glad to get home and all but I’m also mad…BUT I"M BACK :smiley:

Um… welcome back? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha sounds like you had fun while you were there.

Dang why’d you have to come back though? You can clearly see that nobody here likes or ever liked you being here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back!

Welcome back! Glad you had fun at Worlds. I need a BOSS…

How was Disneyworld?

Nothing like I expected. Magic Kingdom is Dineyland, Epcot only had 2 fun rides bt the lines were SOOOOO LOOONNGGG, Animal Kingdom is just a zoo. So yea.

You didn’t Like disney world? Huh, I yoyo’d the whole time I waited in those crazy lines and even got my picture with two cute girls… (It was funny… They stood on either side of me and I was throwing a loop with my sunset… I lost her email so I never got the pic :frowning: )

I wish I went to worlds… Is the boss really that awesome?

Welcome back! Is the poster you got the one with Yuuki and Ando or a different one?

I went to Disney World… I loved it! My favorite rides were Rockin Roller Coaster, and Everest something. It was fun…

I went to disneyland and tried to yo yo in the lines. problem was that the lines were too cramped!

I hung out in a group of like 5… (went with the band… And who said marching band wouldn’t take you places :slight_smile: ) and standing between then gave me some decent room… Glow in the dark string inside of space mountain was SWEEET

I went to Disney World for Spring Break in 4th grade and it was awesome!!! My favorite rides were Space Mountain and Expedition Everest.

sounds like you had fun! :smiley: