I'm stuck!

I know how to do every trick on this site. some of my preferences are that I like wide yoyos with really wide gaps. I don’t care about the diameter. I like all metals that can grind for a really long time and one that can float on the string.

well, the genesis is the widest of all three.
but its also has the bigest diameter.

well i think i might go for the genisis but does it have a wide gap?

The Genesis has a decently wide gap. Not sure why that matters much though if diameter doesn’t.

5,2 mm gap aproximately (if im not mistaken, but im pretty sure of it).
One of the widest ive ever seen.
Like apetrunk said, if you can handle the diameter.

yeah, sure i can. I can even handle a bigyo perfectly! but thanks! :slight_smile:

If you like the diameter, then go for it.
Remember the genesis comes with either small or large bearing. Pick the one you like.

BTW, ive tried doing 1a with bigyo, hillarious.

which do you think works better small or large?

They’re just different. Neither is better or worse.

The bearing?
Its a matter of prefrence though.
For me, large bearing works wonders, for some reason.

Its hard to say because its prefence. Its not that i hate small bearing yoyo, i have a GnE4 that use small bearing and i love it.
But i prever large over small.

You might have to try both small and large bearing yoyo to define your own prefrence.

Just saying.
In general now days, people seems to prefer large bearing though.

yea all of my good yoyos actually have large bearings. I just looked at the voting thing and saw that primo was winning. Is primo any good?? ???

The primo is fairly new, i havent tried one.
But i belive its good based on some review i read about it.


Would they make it if it wasn’t a good yoyo? I really doubt it…

Primo = awesomeness chech out my review here

nice review! :slight_smile: what do you think is better. genisis or primo?

purely on preferences I would go the Primo, it just suits me better. I dont much like the shape of the genisis.

But you could possibly like the Genesis more if it fits your preferences better.

which gap is bigger? genisis or primo?

The Genesis has a 5.10 mm gap, and the Primo has a 5.00 mm gap, barely a difference.