I'm Stuck...Dietz, Solaris, Nova or other

I have a yuuksta right now and i am looking for a new throw. I have around the ballpark of 100 to spend (so ten up or down is fine). I am really fond of H Shaped yoyos, and i am looking for something that’s going to give a new play feel than the pretty heavy Yuuksta, but i am also considering going for a full size throw. The yuuksta is fine for Horizontal throws, so that isn’t really necessary. I’ve been hearing amazing things about OneDrop, but really like the shape of the Solaris. What do some of you all think?

ps. I threw the nova in because it’s a heavy undersized, but it’s pretty similar to the yuuksta.

Super G if you love the H-shape

Yeah, it’s a bit too extreme for my liking.

If you’re looking for undersized, get a Dietz. I heard it was amazing, from numerous sources. Some say it rivals many other undersized yoyos- Messiah, Supra, etc. (I’m waiting for one in the mail, so I might be able to tell you how it is.)

For normal sized, I heard that the SkyWalker would be great. It’s much, much better than the Super G. Vs Newton will have a Second Run soon. (around $110)

IMO I’d get the SkyWalker when they drop. You don’t see those everyday.
(Both the Dietz and Skywalker are great throws though)

One word !!BATOSAI!!

I have one and it’s ok. I like it. Very smooth, solid. Probably closer to what he’s looking for.
But IMO the Dietz and Skywalker are probably better choices, especially the Dietz.

I never owned an SPYY yoyo before I got my Solaris and it’s honestly mind blowing. I’m not much of a reviewer but if you’re into and H shaped throw and if you’re thinking about getting a Solaris I have to say, “Get one!” There’s a bunch of reviews out there if you just google for them so I won’t bother wasting time writing one, but it’s so much fun. I love it more than I’d hoped for.

Thanks for the help. i went ahead and ordered the dietz yesterday. It was very reassuring to see everyone suggest it. I’ve heard too many great things about onedrop throws to not try it and the Dietz was moving pretty quick out of the shop. I know as soon as i get my red one, i’m going to see an amazing limited 20 colorway or something like that. Thanks for the time and energy everyone.