I'm Queer - Need Yoyo... preferance change

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve actually started learning tricks more, rather than messing around a bit, or because I’m just strange like that ;D, but my preferences of a yoyo changed, again! I think it’s because some of my friends bought yoyos… I try them… and I explore a bit more. So now I don’t like a boss that much :’( it just doesn’t look right to me. So… new preferances…

  1. Must be able to take flowable silicone. I can’t buy responses.
  2. Rim weight. Like slightly H-Shaped and have significant rim weight.
  3. Grind- I like to grind a lot. So a good grind surface is preferred.
  4. Slope. I like a sharpish path to the response. Not like a rounded 888 or anything, but like no more round than a Dark Magic.
  5. Under $100
  6. Some bright color.

Info: I’m around Ladder Escape in terms of skill. I play 1a.

genesis or a fundametal

I know they are over your price range but a Superstar or an MVP would be perfect.

Or even the Dv888. Dunno if you already have one of those though. you can always pull the k-pads and silicone it yourself if you want, same goes for the superstar and MVP i believe.

Are they bbed or something?

Dv888? Anodized.

What’s the finish on all those? Esp. the genesis and Super Star.

almost all YYF have a bead blast ano. (including these two)

So they’re beadblasted on top of anno. The genesis and Superstar. Great. Any other suggestions?

Are there other yoyos that work? And fit under those categories? Or is that all of the ones that fit?
Genesis is good for 1a right? I mean, it doesn’t matter because it’s designed for 5a…

it doesnt matter at all i have a genesis and i only use it for 1a

but the 5a is amazing i just prefer my modded fhz

you can use ANY 5a yoyo for 1a. they may have been designed slightly more towards one style but anything good trait in one is good in the other

Maybe even a grind Machine. About what your looking for.

a yoyofactory hectic can do alot of what you wrote

SuperStar, Skyline, Hectic.