im probably getting the clyw ava, but dark magic vs dv888 vs theory

So I put different posts and I think i know getting a CLYW avalanche, but if they don’t have it I think I might get a Theory or dv888 or dark magic 2. I prefer a heavier yoyo, really looonnnggg sleep times, to be kinda stable. I dont know much about the theory, so can can you tell me a bit about it? Thanks guys

Ethier the theory or the avalanche,
Wait you mean fools gold clyw avalanche well if they have that in stock get that but if not get the therory.

Theory is sweet and heavy, perfect alternative to the ava if you have to pass up the avalanche.

This is kind of biased since my favorite throw is an avalanche, but it’s just fantastic. It’s stable, smooth, and has long sleep times.