I'm new to yoyoing 3(months)any advice

I can’t seem too get whip or slack tricks any advice? http://youtu.be/gSoJFdK4y9E there’s a video of what I’m doing now any pointers?

Wear a shirt. That’s my best tip.

I had a bit of a whip breakthrough just yesterday. Been playing 5 months. The secret was: go slow and deliberate. It looks better and helps you understand the mechanics of the whip.

I’m not really a good source of advice other than that. Most slacks and whips still elude me, but it was a starting point!

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Whips and slacks have been tough for me as well. Although it is probably mostly our problems, the type of string being used can effect how open loops are when the string is thrown. I tried some Toxic Dragon String a few days ago and my mind just exploded.

But that’s all just preference anyway :wink:

What Greg said is spot on. Go slow and make the motions click.

Just throwing the slack around wont do anything but if you know that once you whip your hand in a way and the loop opens up, your accuracy will improve immensely.


Sorry, but that’s not bad advice.

Anyway, take it slow. Even practice whipping with a dead yo yo. Learn how to ninja vanish with a dead yo yo.

And you don’t really have to wear a shirt.

I find its best to not get too worried about what you cant do, do what you know and get better at it, everything will come in time, It took me about 2 months to magic drop but I did not try it every day just every so often Id try one. Never try to halt your progress on just 1 or 2 tricks!

Wow, I have been on and off yoyoing for more than a year now and a 5 month beginner like him is better then me… I got to get working.


well you should

Meh, I was just messing around and took a video I’m getting cold fusion the gondola and it’s just a fun hobby, any advice on general stuff and I saw a trick tutorial and can’t remember the spelling of the name it’s something like madreshka, anyone no what I’m talking about?

Try to slow down your whip and work with a dead yoyo to get the motion

Are you talking about Matreshka by Augie Fash? If so, this was the best tutorial I could find on it.