I'm living an an actual city now!

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Some background information about where I’ve lived:

I am born and raised in an extremely smal village (we are talking more square kilometers than people here). If I had to take the bus somewhere, I had one bus going in both possible directions every day. Until my 11th year of education, I had never been in a class with more than 20 pupils. 15 minutes of driving to the nearest store that sold anything at all. Two hours of driving to the nearest McDonalds. 75 minutes with bus to the nearest secondary school, and 6 hours with bus to the secondary school I attended (this one being the reason I moved out before I turned 16, which is completely normal where I come from).

As I’m now attending the University in Trondheim, I actually have to live in Trondheim as well. This is weird for me. There’s people everywhere, I have 2-6 buses leaving every hour and I can actually walk to the postal office to pick up packages. I have done some slightly embarrasing things already:

  • Had to use google maps to find my way around town
  • Ended up missing a bus because I had no idea you actually have to signal them to stop
  • Took a shortcut through someones driveway and ended up getting an old woman yelling at me
  • Got some bad advice on where IKEA was and endep taking a bus that stopped 2 miles away from IKEA, which I had to walk.
  • Talking to myself while walking around (too used to being alone while walking)


Wow, what a story. I belly-ached about the 20 minute walk home from my high school when I was young. A 6 hour bus ride from home to the school you attended, that’s pretty much unheard of in America unless your folks are rich and send you off to boarding school. Two hours to the nearest McDonalds, you were better off for it. Isn’t it great that we’re scattered all around the globe as we are and still can come together as our own community and chat with one another like this.

I wish you well in Trondheim, it sounds to me you are well prepared to manage any new experience life decides to throw your way.


My story is kiiinda the same. Though not to that extent of distances. Which city were you living in?
I’m from Risør, if that sound familiar? Living in Oslo now

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Slight necro, but this thread has now turned into the “JonasK acts weird in the city” thread.

Today I spent most of my time downtown getting some photos fixed, buying stuff from different store and fetching my tuxedo after 4 days of waiting for the tailor to make the pants an inch shorter. At about 3 PM I start to feel the impacts of not having eaten any lunch. So I got myself a hot dog and sat down on a bench. Pigeons started flocking around me, and two of them flew at my face in an attempt to steal my food. I am not proud of it, but today I had to slap a bird.


Wow now I feel happy where I live where it’s a small compact little town


Geez buddy! If you didn’t wanna share then don’t share. You didn’t hafta smack me. Nobodies ever hit me before.


Yeah smack talking isn’t very nice you don’t know how old the person on the other end is not trying to be mean but its true


Is this thread edited? I don’t see any smack talking…
Back on topic, I actually went to an International camp in Trondheim a dewy years ago. I met a Finnish yoyoer there. We had a pretty sweet location, in the mountains by the radar and military stuff.


sounds like fun who doesnt love citys

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I will now further explain the situation with the pigeon. There were to pigeons flying at me. I tried to make sure that one of the birds didn’t touch my food, I succeeded in that. I used my left hand in an attemt to wave the other bird away, but it didn’t want to fly away so I hit it along the side with the back of my hand, essentially slapping it. TO be honest, the bird had it coming.