Where do you live WRT where you were raised?


This is primarily for the adults here for obvious reasons.

I’ve recently reconnected with a bunch of people I grew up with. One of the things I’ve noticed is that most all of them live within a 3-4 mile radius of where we grew up. In our conversations, it seems that quite a number of the people we grew up with are in the same situation, like most of the 8th grade class I knew (approx 50 people). Very few of them have moved away. Some even live in their childhood home. There are a few exceptions like myself. I currently live about 20 miles from my childhood home, and at various times I’ve lived about 1500-2000 miles away. This area is a 2nd ring suburb of a major metropolitan are, not a rural community.

Note that I differentiate where you were raised from where you were born. It’s not unusual for a young family to move a few times initially before finding a “permanent” home.

What’s your situation.


I live roughly 3590 miles from where I grew up. Not that I don’t enjoy what I’m doing now but I miss it every day.


I don’t know how to gauge this. I’ve lived in about 25 different places since I’ve started my current life…


I live two towns over from where I grew up…


Ditto, so I opted for my place of birth. According to mapquest, I’m living roughly 1500 miles from there. :o


Well, let’s say until you were in your late teens, or when you left the protection of your parents house. Of course if your parents were gypsies and moved around a lot, this probably doesn’t apply to you since you really have no roots to speak of…


Chicago -> San Jose, CA

2200 miles!

I also spent four years in New Hampshire for high school though.

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Initially I moved 1122 miles away but then relocated once again, this time only 529 miles from my home/hometown. I remained in the town I was born in until an adult and lived in the same house for that period of time as well.

Interestingly, the house I grew up in, located two small country blocks from my grandparents, was also within walking distance of about 85 percent of my family. The family was recognized for their time in that town with a street named on their behalf.