Im getting 50$.. what should i get

title says it all im having a hard time deciding oh yes dont say whats my preference i just want suggestions from you guys, not my preference

hmm…well if you’re not even telling your skill, it’s hard to judge for ANYONE.
normally these:
YYF Protostar (maybe not)
YYF Northstar (maybe not)
YYF Grind Machine (maybe not)
YYJ Most YYJ Bi-Metals (maybe not)
Duncan Raptor (50% chance)
YYF Dv888
Shinwoo Zen (5)
One Drop Dingo (Recomended)
YYJ SR-71 (50% chance)
Atmosphere (not sure)
Spin Factor (X) (not sure)

k im on expert 2 i got a yuuksta

wait you already have a yuuksta or did you buy a yuuksta with the $50? cause a yuuksta is more than $50.
oh and expert 2 level skill tricks means you’re probably needing high end metal beasts. well youre on a $50 budget, there really arent many GREAT yoyos at that price and skill. heres a change:
Duncan Raptor (75% chance)
YYF Dv888 (25% chance)
Shinwoo Zen (5) (not sure, (25% chance)
One Drop Dingo (Recomended)
YYJ SR-71 (maybe not)

yeah probably one drop dingo because one drop is one of those high end beasty metal yoyo companies so dingo probably would be great. SR-71 maybe not but it is one of those higher lvel YYJ. Like bi-metals have SUPER medium vibe but sr-71 seems to be excpetional to some people. raptor seems to own dv888 and dv888 can still be a great super smooth yoyo but just notbeast. but if you dont mind, dv888 great. shinwoo, id probably not get unleess you see and caht with someone who does have a shinwoo cause its not popular and just hard to truston but ive heard great things about it of even owning the dv888.

my recomendations for $50 and your skill (in order from 1st to 3rd): One Drop Dingo, Duncan Raptor, Dv888

OneDrop Dingo
Duncan Raptor

i might go for the raptor but only if the recess is dep enough for silicone

hmm ask acavando, he is CRAZY about his raptor. get good info from him too.

hey the dingo is 63$ it is out of the budget

thats weird…look at this link:

but if you click dingo, its 63…

the dingo is 63 because its talking about the nickel plated version…

wow the cheaper version is sold out maybe? idk and nickel isn’t too good cause viengat or other substances used to clean the bearing can dissolve nickel

and its glossy cuz i like to grind i might call and ask if they know when they’re getting their next one drop shipment

yeah ,that would be great.

But I think the dingo is to narrow for me

What in the world are you talking about? That makes no sense. What is “viengat”? And anything you use to clean a bearing is going to be completely dried before the bearing goes back into the yo-yo. It won’t affect the finish at all. Nothing you use around the house is going to dissolve nickel. Please research before you give someone a suggestion instead of telling them something blatantly false. If you don’t know something, don’t just make up an answer.

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actually it’s true. saying that the cleaning substance should be dried fully, if not, may hurt or wreck the nickel. one true fact.look at this link, the first paragraph last sentence, vinegar CAN disolve nickel and I’ve TRIED IT. Really not considered “blatlantly false”. Please get the facts.,17749.0.html

Again, you’re wrong. Vinegar is only used to clean corrosion off of bearings, not for general cleaning. It’s also completely dried before it’s put back into the yo-yo like I said. You would have to soak the nickel in vinegar for a long time to even begin damaging the nickel. There is pretty much a zero chance of the minute traces of vinegar doing anything more than lightly tarnishing the nickel. There’s a reason that you completely dry the cleanser before you replace the bearings, and there’s a reason that nickel plating is very popular for yo-yo’s. I’m well aware of the facts, kid.

I am not a kid

Whatever you say, kid. When you can put together a coherent sentence with proper spelling and grammar, maybe I’ll think otherwise.

Your posts are very not helpful. And most of them contain completely false information.

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