I'm finally back

i finally finished my midterms and i stopped yoyoing for about 3 weeks when i finished i went home and grabbed my new breed but for some reason it was really hard for me to do double or nothing. And the other problem before my midterms i was at black hops and was still practicing. I was just wondering did this happen to anyone and to see if it was normal

Try learning tricks that you already knew like double or nothing. And sometime’s it is normal to forget tricks over time.

you’re done with midterms already??? i’m up here in rochester and we just finished our first marking period last thursday

From about 2005 until I joined this forum I didn’t touch my yo yos much. It was almost like I had not played before. I originally started about 2001.

each school is different and in Rochester i heard that they give out exams late

lol i just took my 1st marking period social studies exam. but yeah you may have lost a little bit of muscle memory from not yoyoing in a while. try going back to the most basic tricks like trapeze and braintwister and build off of that.