I'm considering a protege. Ayone ever throw Genesis and a Protege?

I’m not an avid collector. I had my eyes for a while on Protege.
I do not want to have yoyos that has same or 90% similar feeling to what I have in my possession. (Currently i have X-convict and Genesis)

Protege Looks similar to Genesis. Does it feel anything like genesis?

First of all Protege is undersized and Genesis is fullsized and it’s a pretty big difference
All I now about Protege that it is awesome and fast
The difference is size and speed(Protege must be faster)

For 5a genesis
For 1a protege

Despite the size difference the protege has a completely differednt shape than the genesis. That being said speed has little to do with the size of a yoyo to an extent. I’ve seen the same done with an undersized yoyo as I have with a full sized at the same speed. Too big and too small however would come into effect. The protege is infact a very nice yoyo and one wouldn’t regret buying one.

well the sizes differ by a lot as well as shape a combonation of both the yuuksta undersized genesis.

The shape is different and size. I would get the Protege if it fits your preferences. :wink:

If you just want a Genesis shaped yoyo in a different size, get the Genesis.

You could also try the Tres Leches is you’d rather delrin.