Is it just me?

Or does the YYF Protege look like a Dv888 with YYJ IRG? hahah I dunno I was just looking at my DM right now and saw the Protege for the first time and that’s the first thing that I thought of. :stuck_out_tongue:

NOt even close there brother. More like a hectic but wider.

Ummm, ya, no! Completely different.

Looks like a

to me

They all look alike.

The protege shape is more similar to the y factor.

They both have 50mm diameter and almost the same width (40mm and 41mm).

Wrong or not, I just thought it was an interesting concept. Like I stated, to me, it looked like there could have been some similarity to the YYJ, but there’s always yoyo’s out there that resemble one another.

I think yyf makes a lot of yoyos that are similar to each other, not exactly the two you descibed though.

? yoyoexpert dosent make yoyos

and i kinda agree with you the protoge looks like a dv888 with slanted rims


You fixed nothing. You just quoted them. No need to fix anything anyway. People know what he means.


i’m… sorry… :’( :’( :’( :’(

Okeys have the worst temper.

I wish yye had a LOL button just for this quote.