christmas list filler!

having already asked for a Tres Leches, liking the color, shape, size, and plastic, im looking for a second yoyo as more of a list filler.
either a california, or a protege, both seem pretty much the same size and general shape, just wondering if one throws bette rthan the other
thanks again!

No, no yoyo plays better than the other. It’s just what you like better. Just decide for yourself, because we all like different yoyos. No yoyo plays better than the other.

None of them are better, but it seems that you like undersized. Any thing you pick should be great.

I’ve heard that the protege is better because it has less vibe. I’d pick the protege or a yuuksta, not because they’re similar to anything, but because I like the yuuksta.
I’m sure you have access to pictures and specs for the yuuksta, to make your own decision.

i definetelty think the protege is a much better throw in my opinion

As X52 has already said. No throw is BETTER than any other throw.