I'm bored so I set up a poll

pick your favorite out of those yoyos ;D

Shoulda put a P2 on there…eh…going for the M1!!!


Out of those, Hectic.


I like my M1 but Its my only metal I’ve tried. I’m may be getting a GTO “f”, Axiom, or train wreck 2 for $80 at yostore but I may get like lucky cause my mom said if I earn $80 she’ll get me a $100 yo or if I have $60 I can get $80 yoyo. (I may still get train wreck 2 for $80 though)

I’m not going to vote because I have only tried the M1 so that wouldn’t be a fair poll, not that it’s national election or anything but it still wouldn’t be fair.

Alchemy CU!

Frantic or Dv888

Small Bearing Hectic FTW.