I'm Back into yo-yoing! How's everyone doing?

Hello folks,
How’s everyone doing?
After a very long time, I’m back here on the forums .
And I’m back into yo-yoing too.
In the meantime I throwed spin tops. I was more active on the Itopspin forum but I am happy to be back here as well.
I like both spin tops and yo-yo’s. My collection grew big, so I need to make a picture of that…
Yo-yoing is easier to do when you wait for your bus to arrive :slightly_smiling_face:
And you get a lot of people looking at you… Like : can you do that with a yo-yo?
Because it’s getting colder outside, and can’t throw a top inside yet, I practice a bit with my yo-yo’s.
I have two yo-yo gloves, I’m going to get used to it, and maybe I can practice outside too. Because I want to practice!
I don’t want to wait the whole winter til spring, since I like to throw outside. It’s also safer. For my surroundings and my top and yo-yo :grinning:
Going to post a pic soon.
Many warm greetings


Good to see you back. I’m sure we would all love to see some spin top tricks (as well as yoyo tricks). Welcome back!


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
I have made some spin top videos on YouTube.
I’ll post them in the spin top category.


Yoyo never leaves our blood. It becomes part of our DNA. Glad to see you back.


Oh hey Hydrona, I checked around and everyone is ok.:+1:t3:
You know what long winters are good for, new hobbies! This would be a good time to start juggling, if nothing else, it helps you appreciate yo-yos and spin tops more .


I’m happy to hear that everyone is doing well.
To be honest, I wanted to start juggling a year ago.
I still have some medium small balls to practice! Thanks for the tip!

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Juggling is a lot like throwing tops, especially when you are learning the basics. It’s all about throwing something then going and picking it back up. I’m sure you will learn way faster than I did, but it helps to
stand by a bed so you can pick stuff up off the bed instead of running all over the room. Also bean bags that don’t bounce and roll are ideal.
It’s good to learn in the winter because all the throwing and bending over helps keep you warm.


Thanks! I sure keep that in mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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