Does throwing tops make you Yo better?

I believe it does. Lately I have been trying to learn some fixed tip re-gen tricks with spin tops, and
when i take a yo-yo break, I feel a bit smoother and the tricks flow a little better.

I also think so there is some cross over. My throw has some top influence as in I throw then pull the string out of the gap rather then just throw it down.

Spin tops are to yo-yos as unicycles are to bicycles…
Gliding around on two wheels sure feels nice after fighting to stay up for an hour or so.
Until you don’t have to fight anymore ;D

I also think a bit of it has to do with the very act of switching to something else and then coming back refreshed. I notice that my yoyoing is more smooth or inventive even after a switch to something completely unrelated, like cubing.