ILYY Trvth vs. SPYY Flying V vs. Walter

Anyone ever had the chance to compare all 3 of these yoyo’s? On paper they’re somewhat similar, all responsive. Hopefully I’ll be able to track down all of these and be able to write a complete review, but until then anyone try all of these? What were your thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Diameter: 55.55mm
Width: 28.40mm
Gap: 4.45mm w/ metric Bearing
Weight: 66.5g

Flying V
Diameter: 55.9mm
Width: 32.92mm
Gap: 4mm w/ Large Bearing
Weight: 65.62g

Diameter: 54mm
Width: just under 32mm
Gap: 3.2mm w/ Large Bearing
Weight: 64.2g

The Trvth is not responsive. It requires a bind. It’s the only one of the 3 that I have thrown, but it’s a lot of fun. Really forces you to work on your throw and landings. It’s not forgiving at all because of the shape.

I own all 3.

TRVTH is the best hands down, dead smooth and a great player all around. It’s also the rarest of the 3… THERE ARE LIKE 50 IN EXISTENCE AND SOMEHOW 4 ARE STILL IN STOCK HERE ON YYE!!! :o
You can play it unresponsive, or give it some thick lube and make it responsive like the Walter.

The Flying V is okay.
It’s nice that it has the option of a slim bearing, though if you’re going to go responsive you might as well go size c bearing so you can hit string tricks with the wider gap.

The Walter is fun for sure.
It’s a great beater, but it doesn’t play smooth if you want to go the unresponsive route.

I hope this helps! ;D