FoxlandPrecision: Thunder Wasp


Intro: Okay there seems to be only 1 thunderwasp review, well time to change that eh? I first meet Alvin Rollins at the Tennessee yoyo club, he was giving out free yoyos and i got to pick first so i picked the Thunderwasp (along with a Foxtail) so props to Alvin for giving out free Yo’s.

Specs -

diameter: 52.3mm
width: 39mm
bearing: D-size
gap: 3.7mm or 4.7
response: silicone (pads can be provided)
weight: 62.5 grams ( 59 with no wieght rings)
price 75.00
color: blue, dark blue, red, or any combination.
snap in rings, white or blue

comfort and tech: When you get it you get it comes with a 8 ball D sized bearing (5 by 11 by 11) but dont let the smaller bearing fool you it GREAT. It also comes with red pads that i dont know what they are.

Play: When it has the wieght rings in it plays pretty slow and stable, which would be good for 5A. Without the wieght rings in it is a beast, its fast,stable, and still really long spin times! You can also do matador on it which is really cool. It isnt really that good at grinds but good enough. All in all it has great play.

conclusion: For 75.00 this is a really good deal. I dont see why Alvin isnt as popular its my favorite company. go buy one you wont be sorry!  ;D


Do you know how much better this is than the Foxtail?

Yes! Intact I have one, if you want OVERsized yoyo and fast get the foxtail, but if you want a midsize yo get the thunderwasp but you could also get either the Katz meow, Minotaur there all great I have them all and I’ll be doing a review on them ALL