Put Your Skills to the Test with the New ILOVEYOYO TRVTH!


The idea behind ILYY is to create the highest quality yo-yo possible in order to give the player a product which is really worth the price! Design after design they continue to impress and now they are back with one of our favorites! The TRVTH!

Don’t dwell on the funky spelling, this yo-yo is THE TRUTH! Initially conceptualized as a tribute to Tom Kuhn’s SB2 (the original ball bearing yo-yo) – ILOVEYOYO decided to make this little brother yo-yo called “The Trvth”. It features the classic narrow and rounded profile similar to the SB2 but was built for more complex string tricks and modern unresponsive play.

The TRVTH is the true test of your skill and precision. With such a slim profile and narrow catch zone you will quickly become a better player. It all relates to the time tested “If you can dodge a wrench , you can dodge a ball” theory. If you ca hit your combos on the Trvth then you can hit them on any yo-yo! The perfect yo-yo to practice your contest routines on or just to practice landing dead center on the string.

http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/ilyy-trvth.png http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/ilyy-trvth1.png http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/ilyy-trvth2.png

And the best part? This slim little beauty fits right in your pocket! The narrow profile of the TRVTH is the perfect alternative to tiny little pocket throws. Pick up the TRVTH and find out what you’ve been missing!



Wow! ILYY still produce?
I who am in Italy I thought they had closed!
I’m sorry but I never understood the meaning of this yoyo; has a shape too narrow to be used as unresponsive yoyo, has a gap too wide to be a loop yoyo … so what is it? ???


It is certainly not too narrow for unresponsive play, that’s what it’s made for - The Trvth does has a very challenging shape, it is fun and different but it is not for beginners. It is definitely harder to land many modern tricks on a yo-yo with such a slim profile - But that’s the fun of it!

It’s a challenge to land dead center every time with this yo-yo and when you pull off a really hard combo with the Trvth it is that much more rewarding!


Thanks for the reply!
Your explanation is a plausible point of view, perhaps curious… but plausible.


ohhh that thing is so sick. i instantly want it more than any other yoyo. i wont buy it because of the price but damn i hope yyf or yyo or even magic makes a knock off of this.


Timcor Starfire.


Yeah! The TimCor Starfire is a great choice for a slim profile yo-yo too, and it looks like we have 1 left in stock right now. It does has a very different feel than the Trvth though, it’s significantly lighter and the hubstacks give it more center weight which people either love or hate. Either way, they’re both a lot of fun to play with and a great change of pace from standard 1A throws!


I ordered the Trvth, and have decided it’s the only yo-yo I will use for the month of October to try and get cleaner at yo-yoing.


Awesome idea! Let us know how it goes!


I’d actually be more keen on trying this with a slim-bearing and heavy lube and see how it plays compared to Walter…


challenge: now make a low walled version.