IKYO Agape

Manufacturer IKYO

Shape Butterfly

Color  Raw aluminum

Dimensions  53mm

Diameter  43mm Width

Material Aluminum

Bearing size  Size C

Response system  Recessed silicone

Today I would like to do a Review on IKYO Agape yoyo.
This review is done with every thought that I had  when I placed it in my hand.

At 3:12 pm on July 05, 2011 I received a package from Mr. Moss,
& I did not wait to open it since I was waiting all day for its arrival. " like a stalking lion poncing on its pray"  ;D

There was  3 things that came into mind when I saw it for the first time.

  1. Its a lot smaller then I imagined.

  2. For  66.5g It feel so much lighter

  3. This yoyo is Hot! no I mean temperature hot.

Okay my first throw, What!  vibe alot of  vibe What the H.E . double hockey sticks is this; I thought to myself
“I may have wrap the string to loose lets try again” 
more vibe, No way is this the yoyo that was praised by String burn web cast and people like the MOD father!

My Duncan Drifter plays better with out its PADS (I really dislike the Duncan )

So I took it apart and what did I see, the silicone was melted and the bearing was off its post.
Both problems were easy to fix, and to solve why this happened.

FIX: I let the silicone settle and set the bearing in place.

The why:  This happened simply cause it was a hot summer day and the vibration of the package going through U.S.P.S
sort must had caused the problem with the bearing.

I placed the Agape down and text Mr. Moss and told him the Agape plays on its own level;
I just did not want to go into any detail with the text messages.
So I became Neutral like Switzerland until I can have some  throw time.

5 hours later I became Staff Sargent Irizarry (Drill Sgt) & the Agape my (Private)
On my third throw it was so smooth!
I could not tell it was spining until it landed on the string  that is when I noticed,
the the bearing echo through the aluminum creating a humming sound.

I then started to throw really sloppy to gage how it would respond with play and the Agape balanced  itself out allowing
room to recover from the sloppiest  throws and finish some basic combos that came into mind.


Being a raw YOYO I did not give it much thought for Grinding but I was taken away on how easy it was and to continue
onto the next combo. Palm, Finger and Thumb Grinds the Agape will have you looking like André Boulay,
even if your Thumbs are like andré the giant.

String Play: To easy the wing shape design is so well thought out it cuts like a hot knife through butter

Whips:  Well I suck at this point so I just be lying here

Hops and Transition: what can I say it’s truly a pleasure The Agape glides like a figure skater thrown into the air.

Speed: This is where the wing shape design is high drag; I did try to play fast as I would my Proto-star.
I only got String Burn although I think this is preference of play for some,for others it is not a total deal breaker at all.

Big-o  final thoughts:
I could go on and on to how great the Agape yoyo is but like all good thing this must come to a end.
The Agape is not a fast performance yoyo but where it lacks in speed it makes up in precision.
As my skill develops in new levels of play,the Agape can only get better as well.
It is truly a welcome addition.

Mr. Moss the Agape plays on its own level.

Icthus is watching…

seriously though. Great review! I may get an agape eventually. I am a sucker for small companies.

Thank you.

I do agree on supporting small companies in the USA as much as possible.

Also FYI; Mr. Moss had said, that he has some going to the anodizer soon. Hopefully you can get one with color options other then raw that would be a big +.

If anyone would like to try it I will bring it with me to GA state contest this Saturday 23 july 2011
just ask away PM me and we can talk. ::slight_smile:

great review I have an agape and i LOVE it ;D

Thank you. As far as the agape goes I think it holds 4th place my collection of yoyos a truly wonderful yoyo IMO

The shape is not something I would typically go for, but I have played one and it was incredibly smooth. Wow. Thanks for the review.

Is IKYO still in business ? I thought they were done ?

You Welcome.
As far as the shape goes, It is different then most other yoyos out there but that is what makes it unique I do believe.

If you go to this post I think this is where the Agape had came from not sure, I would need to ask Icthus?.


Ask Icthus, If you were to ask me I would say very much so.
I got it from him, I would like to try out his next line of throws when he does produce them.

my Agape needs a brother :smiley:
Hint hint Mr. Moss no pressure.

Thanks! The stuff he does is pretty incredible!

just got mine today…! …love the shape…the feel in the hand….the weight is great….I love a yoyo that sings….that little harmonic …I have a slight clyw vibe…that I have no problem with…don’t know if it’s because of the axle (mine came without one…Mr Moss…) he said 4mm x 12…I could only find 10mm….seems I can tune it down a little…if I tighten and loosen the half’s a few times….…this is a sweet throw …very pretty too…

Agreed It really should have more people playing with it, if ever possible.