So I had seen the Agape floating around on the forums, being sold, traded, people talking about, saying it was the best thing since canned bread and tapioca pudding in a cone, but I never got the chance to try one for myself. And being someone who likes to have thrown a tethered gyroscope return top wheel of wonder, magic, and a pancake, there was nobody I knew who had one, so to try one was not looking to be in my future.

And one day, Casey offered me one he was selling, and whether it was my anxious OH MY GAWSH I GOTZ MONEY I MUST BUT SOMETHING NAOW attitude that day, or just finally giving in, I took him up on the offer and bought it.

So then, I come home after a day at class at CCSF and what is there on the table waiting for me? A magical uber box from our said USPS.

I open it up, and find a red mini uber box containing a nicely weighted object within its uberness.

I open it up…

Now I take a look at this thing, and the first thing I say in my mind: “Wow, this doesn’t look like a shape I would like.”
I like rounded shaped yoyos mostly and this yoyo just had a weird shape that really seemed odd and somewhat sharp to me.

Oh well, cant judge the yoyo by its looks, play is the important thing.

I open up the yoyo.
It uses a standard YYJ sized large bearing and has a silicone recess.
Sili recess seems quite shallow, but that wont be much of a problem.

Here are the specs for yoyo:
Diameter: 53 mm
Width: 41mm
Weight: 66 Grams.

Ok, enough of that, time to throw it.

So I give the yoyo I throw, spins nice and smooth, I won’t do a finger test for vibe cause you all are too sensitive about it so don’t ask. So rawr.

Fine, Ill do a finger test, geeze…
No vibe, there, are you happy now? > . >

I then try a few of my combos and some slack tricks.
This yoyo just glides on the string and has a nice floaty feel to it. Every trick you throw at it it responds with “that was easy, what else you got?” And it makes you want to push your tricks to another level. Can’t explain it, it just has that affect.
I then try a grind. Being a raw yoyo, it doesn’t grind the best, but its decent.
Thumb grind, Quite nice! This yoyo has a nice IRG rim making IRG’s awesome.
Tried some chopstick stuff: Handles them perfectly.
Suicides: They open nicely.
Horizontal/excalibur/sideways tricks: I was a bit skeptical on how this yoyo would handle them, but wow! It actually does them with ease.
When I try a new yoyo, a deciding factor for me is wether of not the yoyo can play horizontal well, and this yoyo definitely can!

If I had to compare the play of this yoyo to another yoyo, I would say it kind of blends the play of a peak and the meteor. Obviously the shape is quite different, but if you were to give the yoyo to a blindfolded player and asked them what it was like, they might say its like a peak but lighter with the flow of a meteor.

Ok, time for some comparison shots.

FHZ, Agape, and Meteor.

Final thoughts: I love this yoyo, and if you get a chance to get one of these, go for it, you wont regret it.
Caseymabob (Creator of the yoyo) is an awesome guy also and naming the yoyo after the greatest love that comes from God is just awesome.
As far as I know, these don’t come annoed yet, only raw. But the raw is awesome looking anyways.
I can honestly say that I would give this yoyo a 9.5/10.
Only reason 9.5 instead of 10 for myself is the shape which isn’t much of an issue, it just takes some getting used to. I am sure after throwing this for a while, I will get used to the shape and give it a full 10/10.

Awesome yoyo.

I love it, too. I like the floatly feel to it. It’s almost like a square shape, nearing to what I’d say a metal X-ConVict. It’s also dead silent, but that’s more the bearing than anything else. It’s light on its feet, and it ultimately near-vibeless, which is a pro and a con in my opinion, as I like to judge how much spin it has left on it by the buzz, but it’s more a pro. It’s axle is also small, not even passing the bearing by a centimeter, thus not handling two shims at all (risk of threading the axle) handles one okay. But then again, why shim it? The width is optimal for unresponsive play, and still comes up without having to loop the string around twice in binds. It can be thick lubed to come up on a tug (I used 3 in 1 oil) but I do not recommend that for any reason. Don’t buy this yoyo to play responsive. This yoyo doesn’t disappoint.

I don’t know what it costs, but whatever it does, it’s worth it.

Very nice review. Makes me wanna try one (especially since I like me mah float)! :smiley:

Do you now when they will be in stores

ooh, i hope i can get one.
i like the shape.
great review man.

and jayyo, what edition meteor is that?